Dual E5-2630v3 and Dual E5-2660v3 models first month promotionally discounted with 50%

10Gbps Unmetered VPS

The 10Gbps Unmetered Port is shared with other VPS hosted on same physical cluster

All plans include FREE DDoS Protection on L3/4 attacks up to 2Tbps

Notice: Please don't use speedtest.net to test the bandwidth on your VPS ! Their test servers usually have under 1Gbps available bandwidth and results are non reliable. We recommend using iperf3 to test the bandwidth on servers. Example cmd: iperf3 -c ping.online.net -p 5201 -P 30

vCPU CoresMemoryStorageBandwidthVirtualizationOSLocationPriceDelivery
1 core 2GB RAM 60GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 1-2Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €19 /mo Instant Activate
2 core 4GB RAM 120GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 2-3Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €35 /mo Instant Activate
4 core 8GB RAM 240GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 3-4Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €65 /mo Instant Activate
8 core 16GB RAM 480GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 4-5Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €99 /mo Instant Activate
12 core 32GB RAM 960GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 5-6Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €179 /mo Instant Activate
16 core 64GB RAM 1.8TB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 6-7Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €349 /mo Instant Activate

*The estimated bandwidth is based on our metrics and is not a guarantee. The bandwidth available on a VPS can be higher or lower than this value.
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