Welcome to Vodafone ! We are proud to announce that we are now directly connected to the Vodafone's international backbone

10Gbps Unmetered VPS

The 10Gbps Unmetered Port is shared with other VPS hosted on same physical cluster

All plans include FREE DDoS Protection on L3/4 attacks up to 2Tbps

Notice: Please don't use speedtest.net to test the bandwidth on your VPS ! Their test servers usually have under 1Gbps available bandwidth and results are non reliable. We recommend using iperf3 to test the bandwidth on servers. Example cmd: iperf3 -c ping.online.net -p 5201 -P 30

vCPU CoresMemoryStorageBandwidthVirtualizationOSLocationPriceDelivery
1 core 4GB RAM 60GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 2-3Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €29 /mo Instant Activate
2 cores 8GB RAM 120GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 3-4Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €59 /mo Instant Activate
4 cores 16GB RAM 240GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 4-5Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €99 /mo Instant Activate
8 cores 32GB RAM 480GB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 5-6Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €179 /mo Instant Activate
16 cores 64GB RAM 1TB SSD 10Gbps Unmetered
Est. min. 6-7Gbps*
Linux/Windows Romania €349 /mo Instant Activate

*The estimated bandwidth is based on our metrics and is not a guarantee. The bandwidth available on a VPS can be higher or lower than this value.
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