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We operate our own network (AS25198) and have presence in multiple locations on the globe

Last 5 network maintenances

UNPLANNED Aug 29 23:25 - 23:30 GMT+3: Fiber break between Bucharest and Budapest. Our network from Romania was unavailable for 5 minutes from a few locations. Affected services: VPS and Dedicated Servers

UNPLANNED Sep 27 19:45 - 20:30 GMT+3: Major incident on Bucharest core router. Due to a firmware bug, the router became unresponsive. Firmware update was performed. Affected services: VPS and Dedicated Servers hosted in Bucharest (Romania)

Our network features

We operate our own n x 100 Gbit core backbone network (AS25198), complete with Anycast support and in-house DDoS protection.

  • Network PoPs: Voxility IRD Bucharest, NXData1 Bucharest, NXData2 Bucharest, Interxion Frankfurt, Equinix AM6 Amsterdam, Interxion MRS2 Marseille, Interxion PAR2 Paris and Telehouse North London
  • Top Tier 1 transit providers Orange, GTT, Telia, HE and Cogent
  • Public peerings in InterLAN, AMS-IX, LINX LON1, LINX LON2, France-IX, NetIX, SpeedIX and LSIX
  • Direct peerings to: BT UK, DTAG, Orange, Vodafone DE/UK/NL, OTE Globe, RCS&RDS (Digi), Sky UK, TalkTalk UK, EE UK, STC, Wind, Akamai, Blizzard, M247, Microsoft, Google, Cloudflare, Netactuate, Amazon and many others.
  • PeeringDB:

DDoS Protection

We use our own in-house DDoS protection solution deployed in all network PoPs

  • Malitious traffic is dropped before even entering in our network
  • Over 2Tbps of edge network capacity available for DDoS filtering
  • Any zero-day attack is automatically handled by the 24/7 on-site engineers who are permanently monitoring the infrastructure
  • Daily updates on DDoS filtering rules
  • Under 1 second reaction time to any arriving DDoS attack

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