Thanks to our customers, we've just passed over 5Tbps installed edge network capacity !

10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers with 5 - 20Gbps Guaranteed Bandwidth on 2 x 10Gbps Ports

Why to choose them ?

If you have a project with high bandwidth usage, our unmetered dedicated servers are your best option. Suitable for streaming , VOD , file sharing or for any other large bandwidth applications.

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth as option - Choose as much bandwidth as you need
  • Up to 100Gbps Guaranteed Bandwidth possible per server on request
  • 2Tbps DDoS Protection included for FREE with any service
  • No hidden fees - 100% Unlimited Bandwidth Dedicated Servers
  • Fast Activation - Get your server ready in 1 hour
  • On site and off-site support available 24/7 on tickets

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2Tbps FREE DDoS Protection

All our 10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers are protected for FREE by our enterprise-grade firewalls cluster

  • Forget about DDoS attacks ! Only clean unmetered traffic will reach your servers.
  • No additional tuning/configuration needed
  • Deep packet inspection and new attacks signature automatic learning with artificial intelligence
  • Over 2Tbps Edge Network capacity for mitigating any large DDoS attack together with in-house granular filtering.

How can we offer unmetered servers?

We operate one our own n x 100 Gbit core backbone network (AS25198), complete with Anycast support and in-house DDoS protection.

  • Network PoPs: Voxility IRD Bucharest, NXData1 Bucharest, NXData2 Bucharest, Equinix FR5 Frankfurt, Equinix AM6 Amsterdam, Telehouse North London
  • Top long haul transit providers Orange, GTT, HE, Cogent and Telecom Italia Sparkle
  • Public peerings in InterLAN, DE-CIX, NL-IX, AMS-IX, LINX LON1, LINX LON2, SpeedIX, LSIX and NetIX
  • Direct peerings with: BT UK, DTAG, Orange, Vodafone, RCS&RDS (Digi), Sky UK, TalkTalk UK, EE UK, STC, Wind, Akamai, Blizzard, M247, Microsoft, Google, Cloudflare, Netactuate and 1000+ others.
  • PeeringDB:

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