Dedicated Server List

We made a list with the available servers together with their prices.
These are the best prices for unmetered dedicated servers with 10Gbps unmetered bandwidth.

CPUCores / ThreadsMemoryDisksBandwidthLocationPriceDelivery
Dual E5-2620v416c / 32t96GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD5Gbps GuaranteedRomania€529 /mo48hCONFIGURE
Dual Silver 411016c / 32t96GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD5Gbps GuaranteedRomania€539 /mo1 weekCONFIGURE
Dual E5-2630v316c / 32t128GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD5Gbps GuaranteedRomania€549 /mo24hCONFIGURE
Dual E5-2660v3 NEW20c / 40t128GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD5Gbps GuaranteedRomania€599 /mo1 weekCONFIGURE
Dual Gold 623040c / 80t256GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD10Gbps GuaranteedRomania€999 /mo1 weekCONFIGURE
Dual E5-2699v4 NEW44c / 88t256GB RAM1 x 240GB SSD10Gbps GuaranteedRomania€1049 /mo1 weekCONFIGURE

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