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Buy Dedicated Servers

How should I choose the best dedicated server for me? First of all, when choosing a new dedicated server, you should first take into account what will be the purpose of the server. If you are looking to host a website with a high number of visitors, then you should choose a SSD Dedicated Server to be able to handle the intensive read operations from disk (MySQL queries and static content).If you are looking to […]

How To Setup a Server with Ubuntu 18.04

Order a server Place your order for a new VPS or Dedicated Server with Unmetered Bandwidth on our website: https://zetservers.comWe are interconnected in multiple PoPs from Europe and have great connectivity to most providers. With over 2Tbps of edge capacity we are able to sustain any high traffic needs. Create a new user For security reasons, it is recommended not to use “root” username.You can create a new user with the following command: Grant administrator […]

How to install MySQL server on CentOS 7

Order a new server You can get a new server from ZetServers website.For MySQL you can use one of our Unmetered VPS or Unmetered Dedicated Servers Prerequisites To follow this tutorial, you will need: A CentOS 7 with root or a non-root user with sudo privileges. Installing MySQL server Starting MySQL Setting MySQL to run on system boot

How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

Have you seen our latest unmetered dedicated servers offer? Check it now: How to Create a New User Let’s make a new user with the MySQL shell:   The newly created user doesn’t have any rights. In order to provide the user with access they will need. Please note that in this example we are granting newuser full root access to everything in our database. While this is helpful for explaining some MySQL concepts, it may […]

IPTV Video Streaming

GeneralIPTV Video Streaming is a very high bandwidth application.In order to have your video streaming application working perfectly without any “buffering” you will need some servers interconnected with most ISP. ZetServers is the new trend for all video streaming providers. This is because ZetServers operates it’s own core network, directly connecting to a huge number of ISP. With ZetServers you will get next hop direct route to your clients. Video Streaming ApplicationsOne of the most […]

Ubuntu Server

Need an ubuntu server immediately? We have many dedicated server models available for instant activation ! Select Ubuntu 18 or 20 during configuration process and place your order. The server will be automatically activated and installed with Ubuntu in about 20 minutes. Please note that instant servers are marked with “Instant” on the activation ETA. Choose your model here:

Server 100TB

Do you remember the year 2015 when dedicated servers with 100TB bandwidth were a trend?In 2021 we consider that the bandwidth should not be limited anymore. There should not be overcharges for bandwidth overusage. It is better to have all prices clear since the beginning of your colaboration with a hosting company. ZetServers offer unmtered dedicated servers at the price of limited servers !Get now your 5Gbps , 10Gbps , 20Gbps or even 40Gbps at […]

Dedicated Server List

We made a list with the available servers together with their prices. These are the best prices for unmetered dedicated servers with 10Gbps unmetered bandwidth. CPU Cores / Threads Memory Disks Bandwidth Location Price Delivery Dual E5-2620v4 16c / 32t 96GB RAM 1 x 240GB SSD 5Gbps Guaranteed Romania €529 /mo 48h CONFIGURE Dual Silver 4110 16c / 32t 96GB RAM 1 x 240GB SSD 5Gbps Guaranteed Romania €539 /mo 1 week CONFIGURE Dual E5-2630v3 […]

Voxility Dedicated Server

Voxility is one of the best company offering IaaS , Dedicated Servers, Colocation and Connectivity. They are the right choice if you need a safe place to colocate your infrastructure. ZetServers is hosting the equipment (physical servers, network equipment) for Romania location in Voxility Datacenter, however the prices are much lower. This is because the infrastructure is owned and we are operating our own network. The most important thing is that at ZetServers you can […]

Dedicated Server Offshore

An offshore dedicated server is a dedicated server hosted in an offshore location. There are various reasons to host a server offshorely. The most important would be to avoid huge taxes applied by onshore companies. Also you may look to host your content in a country without censorship. If you are looking to get a Dedicated Server Offshore , ZetServers may be your right choice !ZetServers is the leading dedicated servers provider with Unmetered Bandwidth […]

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