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How should I choose the best dedicated server for me?

First of all, when choosing a new dedicated server, you should first take into account what will be the purpose of the server. If you are looking to host a website with a high number of visitors, then you should choose a SSD Dedicated Server to be able to handle the intensive read operations from disk (MySQL queries and static content).
If you are looking to use it as IPTV Streaming Server you should choose an Unmetered Dedicated Server with high bandwidth.
The CPU is also important when choosing a dedicated server. For example MySQL operations are also “eating” lots of CPU resources. If you use your server for transcoding then the CPU will also play a very important role. For transcoding you may also use a GPU server for best transcoding results of 4K and HD streams.
If you are unsure what server to choose, you may contact us anytime and our account managers will be glad to help you choose the best cost effective solution for you. Just drop a ticket to us here:

How should I choose the best bandwidth plan?

Bandwidth is also important when choosing a server. You may get some limited traffic servers at competitive prices , but you will have to always keep an eye on the traffic usage, to avoid overusing the included traffic. Some dedicated servers providers may charge huge fees for overusing the included traffic or may turn off the internet port of your server when the traffic is over. For this reason, we offer unlimited bandwidth servers only. You can sit back and relax. You will always pay the same price for your server, no matter how much traffic do you use.

Where can I find the best dedicated server?

Some providers may offer you cheap dedicated servers with preety good CPU/RAM/Disk resources, but their support may be the worst. From my personal experience OVH servers are the best candidate here. Even if OVH is one of the biggest provider in the world, their support is answering in days even to urgent problems. Their servers are unmanaged, so they consider you can solve any problem by yourself. That’s true in most cases, but if there is any network problem or bug in their panel not making this possible, make sure to be able to have your server(s) down for few days till they answer to your ticket.

You may also choose Datapacket servers . Their services are awesome ! Huge network and top hardware, but prices are high as well.

ZetServers is the provider offering an optimized blend of features:
– Support is answering in few minutes and are trained to solve any situation as soon as possible
– Operating own network makes possible to debug any network issue in few minutes
– Using own servers makes possible to change any failed hardware in the shortest possible time
– Unmetered bandwidth at very competitive price while the network quality is still one of the best on market. PoPs in The Netherlands, UK, Romania and Germany with meshed MPLS interconnections for redundancy and high availability.

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