About Us

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  • Company

    ZetServers is operated by INTERKVM HOST SRL company, having it's headquarters in Lipova (Arad), Romania, str.Iancu Jianu, nr.34, unique registration code: 42390138, registration number: J02/327/2020.
    Telephone number: +40721624247
    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Our Mission

    We are not a huge company, we are not sharks, gators or dogs. We just do our job and work close to all of our clients, so they can get what they look for. We are open for custom plans, volume discounts and generally any requests coming from our clients.

  • Our Offer

    We are targetting the professional range of clients, needing stable services with dedicated resources and premium network at affortable price

Our Network & infrastructure

We operate our own network (ASN: AS25198) and infrastructure of servers. At this time our infrastructure is collocated in Voxility IRD Datacenter (Romania).
We use redundant power and multiple transit providers to maintain the quality of our service at high standards.
We have in plan to add multiple locations in the near future as we grow.
We are open for peering in the following datacenters:
- InterLAN (All Locations)
- Voxility (All Locations)
- NXDATA 1 & 2 (Bucharest - Romania)
- DECIX (Frankfurt - Germany)
For large DDoS attacks mitigation, we peer with Voxility and get the benefit of having their 1770Gbps Edge Network capacity available for filtering any large attack that may come. We also use own-made filters for granular filtering any attack that may pass their firewalls.

For any informations, contact us via e-mail or open a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.